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Always earn frequent flyer miles and other loyalty rewards.

SkivalCard is a credit card sized plastic card with all your frequent flyer miles, hotel rewards, loyalty rewards or any other account numbers printed on it.

Whether you are on personal or business travel, conveniently carry it in your purse or wallet and never forget to have your miles added by presenting it at the time of check-in.

Airline Rewards and Hotel Rewards = Cash

Hotel and airline rewards can be redeemed for free air travel, free upgrades, free stays at hotels or merchandise. In other words miles and points = cash.

Did you know it is possible to accumulate miles on your preferred airline even if you travel on a different airline provided they are partners. Hotel stays can also result in airline miles if they are partners.

It is usually a good idea to accumulate miles on as few accounts as possible because while redeeming you cannot combine miles from several accounts even though they are partners.

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Avoid the hassle

At the time of check-in if you forget to present the account number, it is usually a hassle to get your miles accumulated later, especially into a partner's frequent flyer program because you have to mail in documents like boarding passes.

Certain low cost carriers don’t have partnerships with other carriers and so the list of accounts to be maintained can become long.

So get a SkivalCard that has a list of all your account numbers in one place and alwaysearn frequent flyer miles!


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