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Facts about army surplus jackets

Sep 13, 2017

The true difference between trendy high-priced imitations is the quality. Retail imitations are mass-produced in factories. They are designed for looks as opposed to functionality. The army style emblems you see on retail coats are fake and often don’t even resemble actual military emblems. The materials that they are made from are chosen based on price as opposed to durability and stitching isn’t done as securely. The most important thing is that retail coats are designed for style, but they might not be acceptable for use in actual outdoor scenarios. When you have got a real army surplus jacket, you know that you have got a piece of clothing that was created to be used in extreme circumstances and designed to stand up to all types of heavy use and abuse.

quality army surplus

Hunters, fishermen and other avid outdoor enthusiasts generally swear by military surplus goods when it comes to getting good quality outdoor clothing. click here army jackets are made for a number of uses and weather conditions, but they all are designed with one goal in mind to make the wearer as comfortable as possible and shield him from the elements as much as possible. Desert style military jackets are made to breathe and provide protection from sunlight and sand while providing tons of storage for essential products. Additionally, there are assortments of military jackets designed for colder and wetter weather conditions which will keep you dry and warm in addition to carry whatever you have to have close at hand. Flight jackets made from lightweight nylon provide protection against the wind without weighing down the wearer while fleece will keep you warm in chilly weather. A hooded smock style coat is helps keep you dry in rainy and stormy weather.

A favorite among many hunters is the all-purpose fashion jacket that combines the warmth of fleece with the waterproof protection of a rainproof overcoat. This versatile coat has removable fleece so that it can be worn in all sorts of weather and altered if the weather changes while out in the area. There are loads of pockets of all sizes, eliminating the need for carrying awkward packs when on shorter trips. You may carry capsules, binoculars, knives and even a light lunch, all on your coat. This keeps you light on your feet and gives you the agility you need when monitoring game. The waterproof outer shell is quiet, so there is no worry about that annoying swishing noise cancelling off match and preventing you from getting close enough for an accurate shot.

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