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Speech Therapy Ottawa

Important role of speech therapy in Ottawa

Sep 9, 2017

Going to speech therapy should be a pleasant experience. However for many it is a frustrating one. Lots of men and women experience long waiting lists or long drives to see their speech pathologist. When they finally get to treatment they have to sit in the waiting room until their session time and potentially fight traffic on the way home. Online speech therapy offers an alternate choice when seeking treatment. All speech pathologists are state and nationally certified thus they provide the exact same degree of experience and expertise as found in a practice. The sessions are designed similar to conventional therapy in that the speech pathologist plans the session depending on the individual’s specific objectives and selects activities they believe will be engaging and inspiring. However, there are many advantages to online speech therapy. The activities are highly interactive and designed by speech pathologists to target a specific aim.

Speech Therapy Ottawa

Each task is then adapted to fit the particular needs of the individual. The interactive nature of the activities helps engage the individual while they are learning new skills and behaviors. Each treatment session is held in real time video and sound over a secure online site that allows for that link between the speech pathologist and the individual. They have the ability to interact as they would during a conventional therapy session. Additionally, there is no push time, no time spent in the waiting area and no fighting traffic. Because therapy is provided on the internet a patient may login to their treatment session anywhere there is an internet connection. Thus they are able to have treatment at home, at work, virtually everywhere. Online treatment also offers more flexibility when scheduling the session because there is not any driving to consider.

Another benefit is the access to practice activities. After a treatment session, practice activities that are related to the actions completed during the session are set in the patient’s internet folder. They have 24 hour access to the folder and can complete the tasks anytime and as many times as they want between therapy sessions. Also included in this internet folder is a progress report that is updated after each therapy session that enables the individual and speech pathologist to constantly monitor progress. All these benefits add up to an exciting alternative to conventional Speech Therapy Ottawa. While it removes a few of the frustrations it retains the integrity of a conventional therapy session. Many have seen great progress and highly recommend the usage of online speech therapy. Therefore, if you or someone you know is looking for language therapy, think about choosing online speech therapy.

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