Writing Mistakes in Academic Writing

Academic writing is rarely anyone’s favorite thing about school, except for the teacher’s pet of course. Here are some mistakes by students due to which they often go for college essay writing help from top professionals rather than writing it themselves.

1.      Don’t use legalese!

Legalese words are usually empty, and their very purpose is often to hide an obscure meaning.

The terrible jargon prevalent in law and much of academia has, unfortunately, led to students equating words like “henceforth,” “hitherto,” and “thereby” with intelligent communication.

Advice : Put away the thesaurus and make sure all the words you’re using are ones you would actually use in a friendly, high-level conversation on the issue presented in your paper. If you don’t know the meaning of a word you’re using, get rid of it.Academic Writing

2. An oldie but goody: show, don’t tell.

“Show, but don’t tell” is the simplest and single greatest rule for writing. If you’re not providing the readers with concrete statistics, they won’t be convinced.

In fact, in a truly great academic paper, you won’t really need to repeat the thesis multiple times because you’ll be making the point clearly with the great information you’re providing, as well as the way you’re connecting that information back to your greater, central idea.

Advice : Track the instances when you use transitional phrases along the lines of “this shows,” “this proves,” or “therefore,” and put each claim under an intense magnifying glass.

3. Forget the rules taught in high school.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to stick with the rules laid out by a professor, but there are no strict rules that should govern every academic paper you write in college.

Advice : You always want to be writing in a clear, straightforward manner, arriving at a greater point, delivering information in an order that makes sense, and following your prompt.

4. If you don’t believe it, don’t write it.

Research on your topic thoroughly and collect all the possible points required. Only write what you believe in and write it passionately. Being passionate about the project will make your voice more authoritative and convincing, and make the writing process much easier on you.

Advice : Find what you like even about the given topic, see through the thick wall of misguiding researches and give your writing a new direction.

  • These tips would probably get you through the worst parts of your writings. Follow the lead and i guarantee you you would pass with flying colours.